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Age of the Five Trilogy (Age of the Five, #1-3) ePub

Age of the Five Trilogy (Age of the Five, #1-3) ePub ebook download
The Age of the Five is a fantasy trilogy published between 2005 and 2006 (yes I know I’ve missed the boat by ten years; in my defence I’ve only just gotten into fantasy). The set-up for the first book is as follows. In a land ruled by five gods and their earthly representatives, The White, Auraya, a young sorcerer and priestess soon rises to the rank of White herself, joining four others to serve the Gods. Together they fight off the invasions of sorcerers from the South. However, this is not the only difficulty Auraya faces. There is also the problem of relations with the Dreamweavers, a cult of oppressed healers who do not serve the gods, and the distant threat dead of the Wilds, who may or may not still exist – immortals who once set themselves up against the gods.

I love the world Trudi Canavan creates. It takes a few chapters to get a sense of what’s going on, but once you do it’s a fascinating world, geographically and culturally. The ongoing battle between Northern Circlians, led by the White, and the Southern Pentadrians, led by the Voices, creates a very dramatic and interesting set-up. The Dreamweavers too are a fascinating idea, brought into focus in the first book by Auraya’s connection with her childhood mentor Dreamweaver Leiard. I find the idea of their dream links especially interesting, and complex moral issues are thrown up throughout the trilogy as the White attempt to deal with the oppression of Dreamweavers. Beyond this, I especially like the Siyee – the winged humans from Si – and the Eli – who live half in water. They create more and more layers to this complex place, and curious parts of the world for the reader to explore. The magic is interesting too. How it works is never quite explored, but having many characters able to read minds and some others able to sense emotions makes for interesting narrative perspectives.

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