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The Cold Moon (Lincoln Rhyme, #7) ePub

The Cold Moon (Lincoln Rhyme, #7) ePub ebook download
"The Cold Moon" is the seventh book featuring Lincoln Rhyme, one of Deaver's bread-and-butter characters. Normally, I don't jump into the middle—let alone the last third—of a series to test the waters, but I learned that Deaver pushes plot while dropping tidbits of character to orient the reader, whatever she has read before. This proved true here: though Rhyme and his cohorts have obviously been through a lot, Deaver offers pieces of their history at (for the most part) opportune moments to familiarize all with an idea of what has come before. It's just enough for new readers, and, I imagine, just enough for fans who pick up dozens of other books between installments. I wonder if this isn't the standard thriller fiction in general (though Lee Child usually brushes past Reacher's history in the majority of his books).

The plot is the main protagonist of this book, and I'll be durned if Deaver didn't keep pulling the wool over my eyes throughout. Deaver is, in fact, known for his use of "twists" and misdirection in his writing, and he uses both to great effect here. Often, I had no idea how a climactic scene was going to go down. In retrospect, however, I realized something: (view spoiler)
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