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Patricia De Lille ePub

Nelson Mandela called her his favourite opposition politician, 'she is a very strong, principled woman' he said of her. Many say they would vote for her if she decided to run for president. She has consistently been voted South Africa's favourite politician - after Mandela - in recent years. Although she represents a small party with a primarily radical black support base, her appeal eclipses that of her party, the Pan Africanist Congress. Among the letters of support in her files are those from opposition politicians and parliamentarians to messages of approval from old white grandmothers and radical young black trade unionists. 'The belief of Robert Sobukwe, founder of the Pan Africanist Congress that an African was anyone who gave allegiance to Africa, regardless of their skin colour, resonated with me. It gave me an identity and a home.' Rhoda Khadalie, a former ANC stalwart and Human Rights Commissioner says, 'I am convinced she can start a new political party on the basis of diverse popular support across race lines. She is a critical voice in South Africa.She is compassionate, she cries about things, but more than that she gets out of parliament and goes to communities, she listens to people, she works for them, she is unlike any other politician at this stage in South Africa. She lives her democratic principles.'
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