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Henry the Dog with No Tail ePub

Henry the Dog with No Tail ePub ebook download
Synopsis : What do you do when you want something so very, very much that you'll try just about anything to get it?
Review : I really, really wanted to love this book. I loved the idea of it and the illustrations were great.Henry is a dog without a tail. All of his buddies have a tail and some can even do some pretty impressive tricks with theirs. So, Henry goes to the tailor and has a tail made...(funny humor).However, once Henry receives his tail, which is really, quite unyieldingly long. He tries a few tricks with the tail, trips over it and once a battery is attached to it, it begins to wag. I'm not so sure how the battery worked into this—it came from "Battery park"—nyuk,nyuk. It wags him into the sky and the adventure is pretty exciting. However I was kind of hoping that the tail would make shapes, spell words, do something besides ultimately getting stuck in a tree with Henry attached. There was an opportunity missed for some more to be brought forth in this promising story. I did like how Henry ultimately decided that he didn't need a tail anymore.
Critical Reviews :Kirkus Reviews agreed there was something missing with this promising story, "This tale of a tail is exceedingly slight, however, its punny jokes the sort that adults think kids would like but that aren't quite on the mark.....A handsome enough effort, but nothing special." I heavy heartedly agree.
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