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Savage Intrigue (Savage, #29) ePub

Savage Intrigue (Savage, #29) ePub ebook download
To be a Dakota Indian in 1862 Minnesota was to live in constant fear of lynching and hanging. Even a white doctor known for treating Native Americans was viciously murdered, leaving his daughter, Sheleen, to fight off his attacker and flee for her life.

Rescued in the remote woods by Chief Midnight Wolf, Sheleen felt she had found her true home at last. In his peaceful, hidden village, she would no longer dream of mysterious white wolves saving her from danger; in his bronzed, muscular arms, she would no longer feel alone. But Sheleen still had two men tracking her down, one enemy among the Wolf Band, and a secret that must be revealed. Before she could know the ecstasy of complete fulfillment, she would have to resolve this...SAVAGE INTRIGUE.
I really love old western romances, especially hot indians!!
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