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The Frightened Wife ePub


Her name is synonymous with ingenious mystery. She is the author of over sixty chilling masterworks, and her millions of fans are a testament to her unequaled skill at weaving intrigue and villainy into spine-tingling tales of suspense.


Anne Collier was certain that her husband, Fred, was trying to kill her. The terrified beauty immediately went to probate lawyer Wade Forsythe's office to have a will drawn up. In the event of her untimely demise, Anne wanted her hidden fortune in the hands of her six-year-old son, Billy, and out of the greedy grasp of her unsavory spouse.

But the tides then turned. Fred was put abruptly out of the picture by a bullet through his skull, Anne was confined to a hospital bed in an apparent botched suicide attempt, and little Billy had disappeared. The frightened wife was now a frightened widow and, as far as the police were concerned, a cold, premeditated murderer. But Forsythe knew Anne had to be innocent. And he'd lay his career on the line.and perhaps his life as well to prove it!

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