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Surf Girl School ePub

Surf Girl School ePub ebook download
This is not the kind of book that I usually pick up but I came across it at a used book sale and surfing sounded really fun at the time so I picked it up.I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Allison works in the competitive world of advertising.The company she works for is trying to get a new large account.This is the biggest presentation of her career.Allison is freaking out.After a presentation to coworkers, she thinks she's having a heart attack and goes to the hospital only to be told it is a panic attack and she needs to relax.Allison doesn't know how to relax.She works.She's from a successful family with high expectations.The doctor suggests that she take up a hobby.The only problem is that Allison doesn't know how to do much of anything outside of work.When she settles on surfing, she walks into the best surf shop in the area and right into a confrontation with Sean.

Sean is the most laid back guy in the world.He works in the surf shop and lives above it.He's been the same since he was 16, pretty much.When his boss, who also helped to raise him after his mother disappeared, tells Sean that he needs a new apartment, Sean realizes that he is about to face a lot of change.It's not just the apartment.The surf shop is in danger.

When the two collide, they realize they can help each other.By working together, they both get a little of what they need and a lot that they don't expect.

A cute, fun read.
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