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How To Be Inspired ePub

Excellent book! Amazon has a few used copies of this book, and the author has assured me that he has copies to sell via his web: http://club.inspired-entrepreneur.com...This book is worth getting your hands on. Nick Williams encourages others to become reponsible for their own inspiration. Here is a partial list of his ideas:

Secret 1: Inspired people know their own wells of inspiration. Inspired people get to know and become intimate with their own wells of inspiration.

Secret 2: Inspired people go to their wells of inspiration daily. Inspiration needs to become a habit, not a single event.

Secret4: Keeping ourselves inspired is our responsibility. It’s our responsibility to keep ourselves aligned to inspiration.

Secret 5: Inspiration is a choice not a chance.Inspiration turns up when we do and when we choose it.

Secret 6: Inspired people know where they got their best ideas. Inspired people know how and where to get their best ideas and go there regularly.

Secret 23: Inspiration makes us artists of the soul.Inspired people know they will become more and more creative.

....and many more yummy ideas.So inspiring.We need a new section on Goodreads for books that need to come back into print.This one is holy.
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