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Experimental fiction—it's not for everyone.

Imagine life as a newspaper, see the truth about Samson and Delilah, learn to unlearn, and find the perfect charismatic cliche character in these 20 flash fiction stories. Enjoy the emerging style of flash fiction. Because these stories are short, and captivating, they are perfect for reading on the subway commute to work, during a quick coffee break, or even at the end of a long day.

Flash fiction by Janice Abel, Mylinda Abert, Rob Astor, William Blome, Roy Buck, Matthew Dexter, Doug Donnan, Amanda England, Hannah Ferris, Nicholas Harmon, Kyle Hemmings, Renoir Gaither, Bartholomew Klick, Ronald Koppelberger, Petur Kristensen, Torkel Lundberg, Karen McCreedy, Preston Randall, Haiya Sarwar, Bill Schachter, Melanie Surani, Alison Thalhammer

What Is Flash Fiction?

Flash fiction is short form stories that can be told in 50-1500 words. Also art, according to FictionBrigade. It's a genre of its own. Not poetry, not quite short stories, but delightful slices of life that can each be read in one sitting.
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