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I Love Lucid ePub

I Love Lucid ePub ebook download
Who Killed Elizabeth Penbury?

"dark, intense, funny, gritty, stupid and profound."

Two men on opposing sides of the law seeking redemption. A woman who loves them both but can save only one. Ten days of drama. Ten days that changed the world.

Evan Waugh is not the best of cops and is on his last chance before being shown the door. Seth-the creator of Lucid, a cutting edge immersive video game-is a man bent on revenge on his former employer, Odyssey, who has stolen his creation. The two are brought together by a hospitalized girl, Ellen Heart.

Lucid, is where they all meet in a cocktail of drugs, sex, violence, and greed. There are no more good guys. And, possibly, nothing is real. A novel for the dubstep generation.

So what is it all about, really?
- It’s about redemption.
- It’s about the nature of reality and memory.
- It’s a love story.
- It’s about sex, drugs, parties and violence.
- It’s about dreams.
- It’s about right and wrong, and good and bad.
- And betrayal.
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