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This is not a straightforward book and does not fit in a particular genre. The book centres around a wounded American soldier who was found wounded, along with a German counterpart, by a magical talking fox named Franky Furbo. Franky cures the soldiers (after shrinking them and taking them back to his tree) then sends them back to their lives. William spends the rest of his life having faith in his experiences with Franky and is then devestated to find out that his wife and son never believed his stories.

The stories that William tells his children when growing up read like excellent childrens stories, so it at times feels as if you are indeed reading a childrens book. The different fonts help to seperate the different aspects of the story. William then has a crisis of faith...his faith in Franky and sets out to find evidence, and in doing so finds out about himself. There are also aspects of science fiction/fantasy with time travelling and the prospect of intelligent foxes taking over the world. Fanciful story? Yes! THe science fiction aspect is done better in other novels, though that is fine as it is not really what the book is about.

It was an enjoyable read, though I would not rave about it as others do.
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