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Policy-Making in Education ePub

This book is based on the notion that an adequate response to globalization challenges requires a holistic approach to several different dimensions - immigration, technology, economy, and environment - as well as effective collaboration and coordination among the central domains of education: curriculum, teaching, and teacher education. Several cases of policy-making are presented in order to elicit common features as guidelines for the holistic policy-making model proposed in this book. First, this central framework views the different dimensions of globalization as requiring connection and integration. Second, the proposed approach asserts that three major aspects of education that are vital for policy in education - curriculum, teaching, and teacher education - must also be integrated. Finally, the process of policy-making is perceived as requiring close interaction and coordination between diverse stakeholders and representatives of the different aspects of globalization. The book presents a conceptual model for policy-making, as well as details of operational steps in this process.
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