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Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules ePub

Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules ePub ebook download
"A comprehensive, action-packed guide to playing rugby."

Rugby is the fastest-growing contact sport in North America. This hard-hitting game, long popular at college campuses, is now being played at high schools and community parks.

The new edition of the best-selling Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules presents the latest information on all aspects of the game, along with an updated list of useful addresses. The book also features exciting images from the 2007 World Cup, including expert captions that describe the very latest skills and tactics used at the highest level.

Features include: All the tactics and skills of the game at every level — for beginners, experienced players and coaches Over 150 color photographs with captions explaining player positions and strategies Basic and specialized skills Coaching, including training, team patterns and motivation The rules and laws of the game, including playing field dimensions Fascinating trivia and amusing stories from around the world.

Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules is packed with superb, full-color action photographs of the sport's greatest players in action. Complete with glossary, a rules section, updated addresses and websites, this book has everything a player, coach or fan needs to enjoy the game.
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