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Bound by Love ePub

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Can a woman trained to show no emotion find pleasure and love in the arms of rogue?

After losing her parents as a child, Elizabeth Orleans; the Queen of a small country named Magonia was taught not to show weakness. But after a lifetime of control, she's begun to dream of letting her walls fall down.

Gavin Ross didn't expect to be dragged before the Queen and placed in the stocks. When his punishment ends, he slips into the castle to teach her a lesson. But what he finds shocks him.

As they move from courtrooms to wicked game rooms, through secret passageways and cool lake waters, their battle for supremacy just might give way to the most powerful force of all...a love that will bind them together forever.

Warning! This novella contains light bondage/submission, creative use of leather, and multiple partners.

[BOUND BY LOVE was previously published in 2005 as What A Queen Wants. Completely revised and rewritten in October 2010.]
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