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A Youth Worker's Commentary on John, Vol 1 ePub

In “A Youth Workers Commentary on John Volume 1” Les Christie and David Nystrom present a very accessible commentary for the youth worker desiring to bridge together the world of the Bible with the world of teens. The commentary begins where many commentaries begin by discussing authorship, audience, and other pertinent facts of composition. Then the authors launch into a wonderful commentary that weaves together cultural background, personal stories, and applications relevant to the adolescent world. Each chapter also ends with a series of discussion questions. These questions provide impetus for discussing the Biblical text and the faith of those either reading the commentary or participating in a study group. Youth workers should get this commentary as soon as they can. Then they should add to their collection as each subsequent volume is released. A youth worker can use this commentary in three different ways: 1) For research in designing relevant Bible studies on the Gospel According to John; 2) For personal devotional purposes in order to enrich their own knowledge of Christ and His works among us; and 3) In a small group setting with students who really wish to pursue Biblical knowledge. While this commentary is not heavily academic it does serve its purpose by providing youth workers with a tool to explore this amazing Gospel and its testimony to the saving acts of our Lord.
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