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I don't remember how I came upon this book, but I dutifully started it and forced myself to get interested. After the first hundred pages I was about to give up when it started picking up speed. It's not awful, actually has an interest premise for a plot, it just develops way too slowly. Maybe it was my Kindle download, but the punctuation was awkward, which makes listening to it while in the gym read back in bizarre ways. The one major complaint I have of the book is the incessant use of the word "macabre." I searched my kindle and found 53 times the word was used! Granted there are only so many ways to describe a deathly, ghastly, ghoulish, horrific, dreadful, frightful....well, I think you get the point. Also, given that the story is set in America, it seems the authors Britishness invades the writing all too often. The girl is American - have her think in American English. Even after all that, I still may pick up the sequel.
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