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A Simple Choice ePub

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"Kate Baxter is a happy, young professional woman whose life is torn apart when David, her husband, becomes physically abusive.For the first few years, they had what Kate often called a ""too normal"" marriage.Two years ago, all that mysteriously changed.An unexplained moodiness has now turned to anger and rage.When Kate threatens to leave with their son if the abuse doesn't stop, David promises to kill her if she does and then whispers a shocking secret that she's not sure she even believes.

Discouraged by ineffective legal remedies, Kate flees with their son to another city and takes on a new identity.While David searches for clues to their whereabouts, he is questioned by a police detective who has new leads in a baffling homicide investigation. David and the detective both race against time in their respective pursuits.

A Simple Choice is a gripping story of how the human spirit can be paralyzed by fear and doubt, yet set free by a simple choice. It touches the place within each of us that cries out for hope, courage, and freedom."
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