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Masks of Eternity ePub

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Campbell provides challenging insights into the concepts of God, religion and eternity, as revealed in Christian teachings and the beliefs of Buddhists, Navajo Indians, Schopenhauer, Jung and others.
Moyers: " "The Images of God are many. Joseph Campbell called them the masks of eternity and said that they both cover and reveal the face of glory.""
Campbell: " "A myth is a mask of god, a metaphor for what lies behind the visible world... the realization of wonder and also the experience of tremendous power which people living in the world of nature are experiencing all the time. The way in most Oriental thinking, and I think what we call primitive thinking, is that God is the manifestation of the energy—not the source.""
Moyers: " "But is divinity just what we think?""
Campbell: " "Yes.""
Moyers: " "What does that do to faith?""
Campbell: " "I don't have to have faith. I have experience.""
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