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Book One of The Farn Trilogy
Harris Cartwright, a young A-list actor, is at the crossroads. His career’s on fire - in a good way, but a missed step on an evening romp with an alluring stalker brings him to the brink of a strange world. He finds he’s been drawn into a dystopian realm and is transformed into the new Gulliver.
Belmundus is the first book of The Farn Trilogy, an adventure into the realms of high society and tyranny — a place were the native cultures have been displaced by an elite force of magicians and a conqueror’s brutal hand. Harris Cartwright has been drawn into elite society, but soon discovers his sympathies for the underdog as he searches for an exit and his true-self. Along the way, he makes indelible friendships and encounters . . . love.
Belmundus, your passport into the Realms of Farn, introduces a tale of ancient history, lingering mystery, tantalizing promises and enduring prophecies. Harris Cartwright soon learns that this alternate reality is truer than any movie set he has ever graced. He’s up for the shoot, but is always on the lookout for exit - stage right.
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