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Magic Circle ePub

Use these engaging Magic Circle activities to help young children acquire language and social interaction skills. It's well documented that children who have developed good communication skills and the ability to get along with others perform better in school and in all aspects of their lives. The magic Circle process has long been recognized as an effective and easy-to-use approach that helps children acquire cooperation, social, and language skills. When engaging in these exciting Magic Circle activities, children perform role-plays, learn to accurately describe their feelings, practice self-control, give positive attention to others, and practice all these in a safe and accepting setting. With this program, you'll effectively teach and develop in your children many important aspects of social and emotional learning skills such as: nSharing nPro-social play skills nListening nAppropriate eye contact nGreeting others nBeing aware of feelings nDeveloping oral language skills nFollowing instructions nTaking turns.
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