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Great Pitchers of the Negro Leagues ePub

I was shocked to learn that baseball used to be integrated in the 1800's but then became segregated until the mid 1940's.A sad reflection on our past, to be sure.This book in the series "The Negro Baseball Leagues" takes a close look at the great pitchers in the Negro Leagues. There are primary source photographs and quotes throughout the book, helping to set the feeling of the era.The author does a good job to be as unbiased as possible about such a prejudicial issue.The biggest difficulty with this book, and the others in the series, is that the photos and text boxes often refer to people or items other thanthe subject of the page where those items are located, making it difficult for the reader to navigate seamlessly.The reader is forced to turn back a page or read out of order to glean everything from the text and photos.
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