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Gotta Jet (Chase Superman Duffy, #2) ePub

Gotta Jet (Chase Superman Duffy, #2) ePub ebook download
Chase “Superman” Duffy likes to go fast! So when his grandfather takes him to the track to see the world’s first and only canola biodiesel Jet Engine Funny Car in action, he’s (literally) blown away by the car’s impressive speed.

And, after hanging out with the inventor and owner of the car. Kevin Therres, Chase and his Grandpa are inspired to build a soap box race car of their own. But will it be fast enough to beat Gordon “Lightning” Smith’s car? Chase hopes it’s fast enough to even beat Superman.

The Chase “Superman” Duffy graphic novels chronicle the adventures of a young track and field athlete as he navigates his way around his grandfather’s Alberta farm to learn about rapeseed, canola, the transition from one seed to another, and the innovators behind the country’s only true Canadian-made crop.

Written and illustrated for 8 to 11-year-olds, the stories are part historical fact, part fantasy, relying on a child’s belief in “perhaps.”

Note: Teachers, please contact the Alberta Canola Producers Commission for information about how these books link to curriculum, and how you can order them for your school. www.learncanola.com.
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