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WHAT IS THE ONE THING not taught in design school, but is an essential survival skill for practicing designers? Working with other people. And yet, in every project, collaboration with other people is often the most difficult part.
The increasing complexity of design projects, the greater reliance on remote team members, and the evolution of design techniques demands professionals who can cooperate effectively. "Designing Together" is a book for cultivating collaborative behaviors and dealing with the inevitable difficult conversations.
Designing Together features:
28 collaboration techniques 46 conflict management techniques 31 difficult situation diagnoses 17 designer personality traits
This book is for designers:
On teams large or small Co-located, remote, or both Working in multidisciplinary groups Within an organization or consulting from outside
You'll also find sidebar contributions from David Belman (Threespot), Mandy Brown (Editorially, A Book Apart), Erika Hall (Mule Design Studio), Denise Jacobs (author), Jonathan Knoll (InfinityPlusOne), Marc Rettig (Fit Associates), and Jeanine Turner (Georgetown University).
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