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For years now, independent filmmaker Henry Jaglom has been wrestling with the thorniest of Freudian questions: What do women want? Now, with his leading lady Victoria Foyt (and a large ensemble cast that includes Frances Fisher, Eric Roberts, Dinah Lenney, Matt Salinger, Elaine Kagan and Zack Norman), Jaglom has crafted his most poignant and satisfying film/reply. Together, in the course of a baby shower, they explore an anomaly of our times: Women's frantic race against their biological clock. In Babyfever we share not only the personal dilemma of Gena (Foyt) but 29 other women as well, as they discuss in powerful Jaglomesque vignettes, their grappling inner conflicts - both serious and humorous - about having a baby. As one of the women in the film says: " . . . people call me up and they're very nice, and they say, would you like to go to dinner? And I say, uhh - dinner? I mean, I've gone to dinner for years and it's done no good. I have to have a child!" This volume contains the complete Babyfever screenplay, along with a selection of stills from the film. These are highlighted by personal notes written by Henry Jaglom, Victoria Foyt and most of the actresses in the film on the subject of "babyfever."
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