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Video Games ePub

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Parents the world over are angered and bewildered by the flood of video games that are consuming more and more of their children's time. These games affect not only their pocketbooks, but also their children's behavior, self-images, and emotions.

This responsible, even-handed survey of over three hundred video games, graded for creativity, age suitability, and violence, is designed to help concerned adults take control of this remarkably powerful force.

David Sheff, the author of the critically acclaimed Game Over, about Nintendo and the video-game industry, has become a recognized authority on the subject of these games. In Video Games: A Guide for Savvy Parents, he offers the first comprehensive analysis of the psychological and social impact of video games, as well as commonsense guidelines. He also issues a challenge to the game makers, who have captured the hearts and minds of millions of our children.
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