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The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2003 ePub

The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2003 ePub ebook download
." . . The top choice . . ."
-The New York Times
New tax law changes and how they affect you
Easy-to-use explanations and tax-saving tips
50 most commonly overlooked deductions
." . . The best tax guide of the bunch . . ."
-USA Today

." . . Hard to Beat . . ."
-Money magazine

The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2003 is the most current, authoritative, and bestselling tax guide on the market. Here is the only guide that provides complete coverage of the new tax law provisions and includes essential forms for the upcoming tax season, plus the IRS's official filing instructions for these forms. Make the most of the new tax law by saving more money on your taxes with America's leading tax and accounting firm, Ernst & Young LLP.


Continued phase-in of Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001-how it will affect your taxes today and in the years to come
IRS Publication 17, "Your Federal Income Tax"
How to take advantage of new rules on retirement plan rollover and distribution
Using Coverdell ESAs and Qualified Tuition (Section 529) programs
Estate Tax phase-in of lower rates, increased estate and tax exemption levels, and reduction in state death tax credit
50 Most Commonly Overlooked Deductions
How to take advantage of the tax provisions of The Job Creation and WorkerAssistance Act of 2002
PLUS the always popular features:

TAXSAVERS-tips to slash your taxes this year and next
TAXPLANNERS-strategies to help you prepare for the upcoming year
TAXALERTS-pointers on the new tax law changes that may affect you
TAXORGANIZERS-reminders that help you keep track of your important tax records

Over 450 of them at your fingertips!
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