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The Toy Sword ePub

This book was an absolute joy to read from start to finish, and a perfect comfort book after 3 sub-par reads.

Cadell is a writer after my own heart.She writes in an engaging way.Her sense of descriptive place is excellent (very similar in style to Mary Stewart).She puts alot of humor into her story.Her characters are interesting and those you want to spend some good reading time being with.She writes sweet, old-fashioned love stories, but they aren't cloying.In fact, Cadell created a very lovable, yet strong and resilient female heroine in the character of Fran.Fran was young, but she was smart, resourceful, sassy and intutitive when it counted.Her relationship with Edmund, the hero, was the perfect blend of slow but steady friendship, respect and finally love.

I would recommend this story to any reader who enjoys clean romances filled with humor and great characters.I plan on expanding my Cadell TBR pile pronto.

Thanks to Kathryn for recommending me to this book (and author) :)
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