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Crown and Jewel (Bracken Trilogy, #2) ePub

Crown and Jewel (Bracken Trilogy, #2) ePub ebook download
In this second fanciful novel which follows The Bridge, Jeri Massi continues the history of the tiny island country of Bracken.

Rosewyn is the young Princess, daughter of Rosalynn, and Herron. Unlike her quiet and gentle mother, Rosewyn is forever climbing trees and drainspouts, knocking down boys who bully her, and getting into trouble. Ready for adventure of any kind, she stumbles into a secret plot against her father's crown.

With help from her beautiful, powerful grandmother, she escape from the castle and begins her adventures in exile. After she and her grandmother are chased by their enemy, the young Princess finds refuge in a village of miners. While among these new friends, she seeks to join her grandmother in a last attempt to save the real King and Queen. But a new threat from assassins forces the Princess to flee again. All of her courage is put to the test as she fights to save her family and her kingdom.
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