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Door-to-Door Ministry ePub

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This book offers a surprising and refreshing twist on the ministry of going Door-to-Door. Based on a fascinating study of two chapters in Luke where Jesus sent out the disciples, as a kind of advance team, you'll find that the emphasis isn't about selling anything to anybody, but simply starting to make friends for your church. The chapter on Conversational Evangelism, for example, places all the emphasis on our need to listen to others, and especially to their questions and concerns. There's great advice in this book on ways to train people to go calling or to have a day when thousands of door-hangers are used to promote a specific church event. Drawing on other methodologies (inlcuding Facebook) Facebook and emhasizing principles of Direct-Marketing you'll learn about successful proven ways to follow-up with prospects for your church. You will also discover what the author calls "Door-to-door Ministry in Reverse," which is all about Event Evangelism. Included in this short, but information packed manual, are ideas for reaching people who live in apartments and gated communities. This is a great study book for members of an evangelism committee and is a must-read for any who are planning to plant a new church.
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