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Jayd's Legacy (Drama High, #3) ePub

Jayd's Legacy (Drama High, #3) ePub ebook download
Have you ever read a book that just captured your attention in the first chapter? It was either full of drama, friendships etc. In all of the Drama High Series there excitement that just keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more and waiting to see what happends next. In the series I like the drama, the connection between friendships and families and the relationships. The main character in the series is a girl named Jade who goes to Drama High and of course it's full of drama.

The reason why I like the drama so much is because it haves you wanting to know what's next. There's people who is hating on each other, the fights between both enemies, there's different cliques, arguing, and problems in relationships caused by other people.

The series isn't just about all the dram but its also about good friendhips and families. Jade has a lot of drama coming her way and even with the help of her two bestfriends life is still full of drama. But this is reason why I like the friendship she has because she has bestfirends who are there for her and that really care. Also with her grandmom giving her advice about everything Jade learns life lessons and has gets lots of love.

Although I love the drama and relationships I also love the love relationships from the series. In the series there is different relationships like Jade who finds new love and also deals with her ex- boyfriend's drama and his baby mom. There is also lying and betrayal that goes on which is more stress for Jade. From the love relationships I like how she has a boyfriend that treats her right and takes up for her and doesn't care what anybody else thinks.

In conclusion, I really liked this book and can't wait to read the next one. I definitly rate this book a five and you can see why with all the drama at school, the friendships, and love. I also would encourage anyone to read and pass it on to the next person.
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