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Secret Pleasures (Pleasures, #2) ePub

Secret Pleasures (Pleasures, #2) ePub ebook download
First ruined by circumstance and then by choice, Ivy Templeton wishes nothing more than to retire from notoriety as one of London’s most well-paid courtesans. Unfortunately, neither Georgian society or her ex-fiancé, Darien Blackmore, will let her forget her past.Though Ivy prays Darien doesn’t believe the rumors that she ended their engagement to become his father’s mistress, she can’t deny her long-time liaison with his former friend.Since Darien has become a drunk and a recluse, Ivy suspects he has heard every torrid thing ever whispered about her.

When Darien learns of his father’s engagement to a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, Darien hopes to stop the wedding. He persuades Ivy to join him in his quest, letting her believe she could somehow atone for their bitter breakup. Knowing he might never be able to forgive her, he also has never stopped loving her.Once he has Ivy back on his family estate, nothing will stop him from keeping Ivy or discovering the secrets his father desperately wants kept silent. If only the truth Darien longs to uncover doesn’t become the one thing that will keep he and Ivy apart forever.
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