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The Little Yellow Leaf ePub

The Little Yellow Leaf ePub ebook download
Hmm. I checked and this book was first published in 2008, but it feels like one of those touchy feely books that was so popular 40 years prior to that.

I loved the illustrations. They make this a beautiful book. Even the slightly unusual shape of the book makes it a stunner.

I think I was in too vile a mood to enjoy the story very much. I suppose this would make an appropriate gift for any child or adult about to embark on a new phase of life: new school, etc. While I’m sure the story means to convey embracing change, and choosing to move with others rather than being stagnant by oneself, I admit all I could think of was letting go equaling accepting death. I hope and suspect this will not be how young children view this story.

I think I would have enjoyed this more either several decades ago or at least during childhood. I do think today’s children might find some comfort in this book, but I found it slightly annoying. However, when I look at other ratings on Goodreads I see that I’m in the minority, which leads me to think it might be that mood of mine that has influenced my opinion. If the text had risen to the level of the illustrations I’d have upped my rating up to 5 or at least 4 stars.
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