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Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia ePub

Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia ePub ebook download
Amelia Bedelia is mistaken by the principal as the substitute teacher, and he puts her in charge of the class for the day. Amelia follows the list of events that the class' regular teacher has left for her. Amelia takes everything very literally, which makes for a fun and interesting day for the students. Besides calling out "role," planting (light) bulbs, and singing to her hearts content, Amelia leads the students to her boss' home where they have an apple chase, before Mr. and Mrs. Rogers return with the regular teacher. Luckily, they get everyone back to school safe and sound and Amelia decides that she will stick to her usual day job with the Rogers.

A cute story that is sure to elicit some giggles with kids, but a bit unbelievable overall. Gets a bit repetitive and has the potential to become boring to kids. However, can be used to highlight the different ways that people think, possibly resonating with some students. Good as a read aloud and for independent use for early and transitional readers.

1. Why did Amelia call out the word "role"?
2. What did Amelia misunderstand in the teacher's directions?
3. How would the parents feel if they knew Amelia took their kids out of school for the day?
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