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Weasel ePub

The name of this book is Weasel. The author is Cynthia Defelice. The main characters are Ezra, Nathan, Nathan’s dad and Weasel. The setting and where it takes place is Ohio in 1839.

Weasel is a bad guy. He cut out Ezra's tongue a long time ago. He tries to hurt everyone. Nathans mom died a long time ago but Ezra used be bring medicine for her. Ezra was always looking out for them. Nathan’s dad got caught in one of Weasel’s traps and didn't come home. Ezra showed up at the door and took them to his dad. When they got there his leg was hurt but they gave him medicine.

My favorite part is when Nathan goes to kill Weasel for everything he did and you wonder if he is really going to do it. I guess you will have to read the book to find out.

I like this book because when you think you know what will happen something changes. I recommend it to anyone who likes mystery.
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