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Next up after "The Man from Tucson". Another find from the transfer station. A short one too. Then back to Rabbit Angstrom's final appearance in "Rabbit Remembered".

Looks like I'm the onliest person to make a review so far! I finally got into this last night and found it to be pretty compelling. The author gives fair warning as to his own participation in the drug taking. Fair enough... I was a pretty steady consumer myself in the late 60's and throughout the 70's. I only recently swore off(alcohol too) though my usage the past recent years was pretty spotty. Still... it caused me some problems. No more = O.D.A.T.!

I was fascinated by Jimmy's (past)life story. My own was pretty weird but can't hold a candle to his. We're both survivors. At the time of the book cocaine had yet to acquire its middle-class prominence but was an up-and-comer via the "lower"(i.e. ghetto) classes. Just like reefer(as Jimmy calls it)... Should finish tonight. Notes...

- Segregation in the Air Force in the 70's was achieved via career/skill training selection. Hell, there were hardly ANY black guys in the Navy at all. In my rating(CT) there were two on the Jamestown in Vietnam and ZERO in Hawaii(on my base) that I can recall.

Finished last night... The author is(was?) pretty prolific and seems to have done movie and/or TV writing as well. Also one or more film script-to-novel efforts(Slapshot...). The whole thing seems pretty real. Reminiscent of "The Sopranos": the American male hustler/achiever/outlaw in pursuit of the dream(wealth!) but also caught up in the violence and the drugs. The ending is inconclusive... A solid 3.l5 * rounds down to 3*.

- couple of typos on 182, 185...

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