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Chance Found ePub

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Chance Cadens is in serious trouble. The raven-haired beauty with a rough past has just shifted, for the very first time, when she is brutally beaten and abducted from the only man that she has ever loved or felt safe with.

Sylas Taiken has waited 500 years for his perfect mate. Now that he has found her, he'll be damned if he lets some psychotic werewolf with a vendetta take her without a fight. Being the only enforcer in the were/shifter world, he has known trial and tribulation, but nothing compares to what he now faces.

With his best friend, Jack at his side, Sylas races against the clock to find her in time, but what they find along the way will test each of them to their very limits.

*****Not intended for readers under the age of 18!*****
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