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Time's Dual Nature ePub

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Time's Dual Nature" provides a rare, common-sense approach to a usually difficult topic - - quantum physics. The book utilizes nothing more advanced than high-school algebra (Use a calculator.). It should therefore be understandable by almost any high-school-educated adult. The true value and appeal of the book lies in the fact that it addresses the following important issues relevant to our lives: What is time? Can it flow backwards as well as forwards? Can we in any way grow younger with time? Can the future influence the present? What is space? What is matter? What is energy? What is the one simple equation that best summarizes all of reality? "Time's Dual Nature" gives optimistic and still thoroughly scientific answers to each of these questions. The title of the book derives from the fact that in the author's theory, time is equivalently expressed in two ways - - in conventional units (e.g., seconds) - - real time - - and in imaginary numbers - - imaginary time. They are in actuality one and the same thing: "time." The author's equations all work beautifully, but only if this is the case. The following review is by Professor of Applied Mathematics Xinfu Chen of the University of Pittsburgh: "In the book, the author first followed a traditional road selecting the units and then invented a revolutionary method of representing...length-mass-time...on a single...plane...for the first time in history....He built the basic foundation which may result in simplification and important development of quantum mechanics in the future....The author's new sets of equations...may shed some light for a new direction of development of quantum theory...Any theory associate[d] with the author's fascinating time-length-action-mass...plane should be very beautiful...Overall this book can be considered as great in many aspects....
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