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The Happy Birthday Song ePub

The Happy Birthday Song ePub ebook download
Jupiter Bennette (Aka Junie) had a bad start in life. Her mother is a drunk and she never knew who her real dad was since her mom would bring home a new guy every night. She grew up hating everything except for astronomy, she adores it, it was the only class she paid attention in. But there is something Junie hates so much she wished it wouldn't exist, her birthday. Until one day on her tenth birthday she saved a guy with asthma that made her breath a little easier for the rest of her birthdays.

The reason I picked the book up is because it had an unusual title, and it also a pretty cover.

I finish the book in one night, it was that good. The reason I finished the book is because every single chapter was a new year in her life. For example the first chapter was her tenth birthday, then the second chapter was her eleventh birthday and so on. I found this book really unique, it was nothing a read before. It made me cry and laugh and the same time which I really appreciate because only this book did this to me. (I mean literally, I feel like a committed a sin because I didn't cry while reading the Fault In Our Stars, it was quite boring really.) And also I wanted to find out if she and Dylan were going to be together.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but if I had to chose I would probably recommend it to Chantal.

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