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Escaping the Blackness (Cooper Brothers #1) ePub

Escaping the Blackness (Cooper Brothers #1) ePub ebook download
Breathing one bullet at a time.

Jake Cooper’s life began when he walked into a conference room at Domestic Crime Agency’s headquarters and met the people who would become his parents. He was an adult, just starting out with the clandestine agency, but he was still alone in the world. Jake relished in the unconditional love his newfound family bestowed upon him. That feeling was short lived.

Jake craves the one skill he possesses in life as much as his next breath. Shooting. Behind a scope, with his finger at the ready, Jake can take a lungful of air without hesitation. He left his family in order to breathe. For six years he’s been tracking and eliminating targets for the DCA. He can breathe now, but he’s not living.

He misses her.

Cara Kelly’s life began when she escaped human traffickers and ran into the loving embrace of the Cooper family. The simple act of a young man giving her his hoodie rocked her world. She felt something good for the first time in seventeen years, something pure and untainted. But then Jake walked away from her and his family, leaving Cara with the lingering scent of him constantly chasing her with a hoodie she still can’t bear to let go of.

Six years is long enough to heal and grow. It’s also long enough to be hurt and betrayed. When their worlds collided again, one bullet changing the course of countless lives, Jake and Cara will be forced to escape the blackness of their past, in hopes of a future filled with light.
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