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Love Monster (Volume 04) ePub

Love Monster (Volume 04) ePub ebook download
4.5 rating

This is a review for the overall manga BTW!!!

This manga was so entertaining!!! It was funny romantic and just awesome. From the monster fights to the failed attempts to show Hiyo's white crow wings. :D
The characters seemed well thought out and they interacted with each other so well. They made a great manga together.

I like Hiyo's and Kouro's relationship because it was embarassing, romantic and god-damn funny all together. I love how Kouro is so protective of her. He's kinda cute too (I don't like him like that though). I love how Hiyo eats so much and yet never gets fat (wish that were the same for me LOL)

My favourite guy character is L and my favourite girl character is Omugi(Is that how you spell her name? Is that even her name?(I think it is)).

The manga lasted long enough but I felt that the ending was kinda rushed in a weird way that I can't describe...

Anyway, the manga was awesome and it's shoujo by the way so I'd be impressed if a guy :D reads it beacuse of this review. :D
And yeah, I'm done ehhhhh! (I'm Canadian ;D)
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