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A Moment Like This ePub

A Moment Like This ePub ebook download
Nurse and part time writer, Promise Genson, finds herself longing for the romantic ideal of love. A lover of romance she begins such a book, emailing it to her friend to review who happens to be an editor, though she had yet given permission for publishing. Events in her life become hectic when, Aidan Feral, her high school sweetheart, shows up his mother in need of her care. There might still be something there... but there also might be something or rather, someone she forgot.

Selah Donavon (the heroine of Promise’s novel) is a writer and small café owner in suburban Pennsylvania. When she sits down to write her newest masterpiece she encounters a dilemma. In order to portray her characters interactions properly she must gain an intimate knowledge of the world of online dating. Signing up for a match site is not her idea of romance; however, as her resource becomes a tangle of heartstrings she finds herself drawn away from the imaginary into reality. And the reality is she’s falling in love! But with who?
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