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Dream House ePub

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When Marty Francis got divorced, she vowed never to depend on anyone ever again. A successful real estate salesperson, she is content with her life. But Marty's settled existence is turned upside down by the appearance of a tall, dark - and soaking wet - man in coveralls. He's a handyman, making repairs at a house she is trying to sell, and his angry outburst ruins her deal. But she can't forget the house, and its attractive handyman. Each time she returns, another bit of repair is in progress - which would be great, except the constant turmoil is killing Marty's attempts to sell the house. Agreeing to meet with the owner's representative, Marty is startled and confused to find the handyman waiting for her. He is Will Hart, the man responsible for the work on the house. After a single lunch, he is also responsible for a lot of Marty's daydreams. But Will is a man with secrets of his own. Haunted by the death of his wife, he has buried himself in his work. Learning to live again, and love again, is a daunting task. When these two meet, sparks fly. But will they have the courage to fan the flames, and try to find the house and life of their dreams?
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