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Woman-Defined Motherhood ePub

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Finally, here is an enlightening and empowering book that defines motherhood from a feminist perspective and then explores the implications of that definition. Feminist authors examine some of women s full, rich, and varied thoughts and experiences about motherhood. In contrast to the too often accepted male notions of what constitutes a "good'mother or a "normal" family, this important book presents a comprehensive and balanced view of motherhood—as women have observed and experienced it. The major issues surrounding motherhood today are closely examined—the pervasive problem of mother-blaming and mother-hating and solutions to overcome it; ageism, sexism, and motherhood; relationships between mothers and daughters; relationships between stepmothers and stepchildren; motherhood and sex roles within the family; adoption; infertility; and childlessness. Special insight is also provided into the concerns of women who are mothers—lesbians, women of color, mothers of biracial children, and adoptive mothers of children from different cultures. Woman-Defined Motherhood is must reading for women, including both mothers and daughters, for therapists and other professionals supporting women, and for anyone interested in mothering."
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