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The Towman's Daughters ePub

Chicago private eye Kirsten and her lawyer husband Dugan are back, in this fast-paced sixth installment of the Wild Onion, Ltd. series.
Being a hero is definitely not on Dugan’s to-do list when he goes to Wancho’s Towing at one a.m. to retrieve his towed car. But when he stumbles across a crime in progress, his instincts kick in and he rescues the beautiful young Isobel Cho from an armed thug … only to discover that things aren’t always what they seem. Soon Isobel goes missing, and it’s up to Kirsten and Dugan to find out what’s happened. Isobel’s father, a thuggish towing company owner, wants her to end her relationship with the son of a US senator. And the senator herself? She wants the relationship terminated even more badly. But there are things afoot here beyond a romance between “star-cross’d lovers.” Things like greed and betrayal, politics and murder … and how far a father’s love for his daughters will drive him.
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