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Nursery Rhymes And Songs ePub

As the parent of a toddler-now-preschool child, I have come to eschew some really bad stuff (that thankfully the boy doesn't know exist due to careful monitoring by the parents) and appreciate the really good cartoons. There are few shows for our son’s age more enjoyable than Peppa Pig, which airs in Nick Jr. here in the states. I know it’s silly, but something about the British accents and some very clever writing appeals to our whole household. Our son's 4th birthday was Peppa Pig themed. And it's evidently not only popular with us: the successful cartoon has its own theme park across the pond.

I bought this book for his birthday and he's listened to it several times. He loves turning the pages along with it, trying to pick out the words. This has bled over to some old records I found on eBay including Poky Little Puppy that he loves to listen and read along with.

The only problems I have with this CD/book combo is the CD. As mentioned above, the whole book is a single track. Sometimes the boy wants to hear the same poem again, and the publishers appeared to have anticipated this somewhat as indicated by each page read/sung twice before "bing-ing" to turn the page. Had it been split into individual tracks I think he would listen to it more often.

Still, we love our Peppa book, and I've just discovered there are a whole lot more books available. It is such an age and learning level appropriate series, and the books I think are an excellent tool that will encourage beginning readers. Peppa is geared to children under 6, so I encourage parents of this age group to seek it out.
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