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The Islands (Annie Seaton's coastal Anthology #3) ePub

The Islands (Annie Seaton's coastal Anthology #3) ePub ebook download
Plan B by Elsa Winckler

When Cody hears that his best friends sister is getting married, he knows that he can't see her marry another Back home a year later, and finding she never married, he plans to make her see him as more than just a friend. Nina has always looked at Cody as a brother, but when he comes home again, things ha e changed. When did he get so muscular and gorgeous! With Alisons help can he make her see him as more than a friend?

Hawk by Ann B. Harrison

Friends since they were kids, Hawk and Cassie tried their hand at romance. Everything was great until he was called away from her in the middle of the night by his job. With no note or goodbye,she hears nothing for 2 months. Being in the military she doesn't know what has happened to him When he comes back she just doesn't know if she can handle the unknown. But when an accident happens, will she finally realize she can't live her life without him?

End of the Rainbow by Tea Cooper

Rain is looking to win a photojournalism competition with her shots of the nesting Gould's Petrels. With Nicolas as her charter, she sees nothing stopping her. When Nicholas sees her,he is surprised. Expecting an older experienced man, he wants to keep her safe. When the storm blows in surprisingly quick, all of his past fears resurface. He .just keep her safe. Back on the boat they bunker down for the night. As their attraction is faced,they must come to terms with their differences. Will they take a chance on each other, or will their own grudges and overwhelming guilt get the best of them?
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