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Alone in the Wild Box Set (Survival, survival books, survivalist) ePub

Alone in the Wild Box Set (Survival, survival books, survivalist) ePub ebook download
Alone in the Wild Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Alone in the Wild: The Essential Guide with Secrets on Wilderness Survival

‘Man Vs Nature’ is the age old struggle of our existence. Whilst as a species we have conquered the wilderness, as individuals we can still find ourselves at its mercy. But the human species has spent most of its lifespan at one with nature, and when cast into the wilderness and forced to either survive or succumb, the animal within can once again be summoned to battle its ancient foe.

Learn how by taking the right precautions and preparative measures before travelling, anyone can be equipped to survive the deepest wilderness with a simple set of equipment and knowledge.

This book tells you the essential, affordable equipment and basic know-how to: Navigate with map and compass Stay fed and hydrated Build a fire Set up a shelter Signal for help

BOOK #2: Alone in the Wild: Must-Know Strategies for Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival seems to be an impossible task to accomplish. It is well said that wilderness is a pace for wild beasts not for beings. So if we shutter a glaze is it possible to survive at wilderness or not most probably our mind responses “no”, “absolutely not”.

This logistic book is totally based on the strategies for wilderness survival. This book is basing on the schema that “Nothing is impossible – And so the wilderness survival”.

The area of topics that this fabulous book is covering embraces: Some secretes about wilderness survival Wilderness survival essentials – what matters the most? Basic strategies of wilderness survival Wilderness survival with foresighted strategies Strategies to erect your shelter for your ever-lasting wilderness survival
So just adhere it to your mind that Nothing is impossible, do follow this book and get the schematic strategies for your long-run wilderness survival.

BOOK #3: Alone in the Wild: Proven Tips for Wilderness Survival

This book contains the information to survive in wilderness place. Here all the tips and tricks to survive from first to last are given. A person who doesn’t know anything will also be benefited by reading this book. In every situation a person can survive by taking the help from this book. The tricks and tips are very much important for all persons. The book contains not only the tips but also all the solutions to survive. By reading this short book a person can get a huge amount of knowledge easily. The book is only for giving the best tips for all types of people who want to survive in wilderness places.
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