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The Sheik's Rebellious Mistress ePub

The Sheik's Rebellious Mistress ePub ebook download
At the tender age of eleven, Electra Knight was devastated by the death of her father - by a bullet meant for the Sheik of a foreign country Electra had never heard of.At sixteen, she's out of control and her grandmother requests help by the sheik who's life was saved by Electra's father.That help came in the form of twenty four hour body guards who "ruined" Electra's life by keeping her safe - even from herself if it was needed.

On the very day that Electra is to meet her guardian, the hated Sheik's son who would not pull off the body guards even though she is now a woman of twenty four, she runs into a man so dynamic, so amazing and wonderful, that she completely forgets about her appointment that had taken months to set up.

Dharran Rashid Abbas, Sheik of Sandura, meets a woman so extraordinary, he can't get her out of his mind.She's tempestuous and beautiful and won't bow to his will no matter what he tries.When he discovers that she's a virgin who has entrusted her first time with him, he's further enchanted.

What will happen when Electra discovers that the man of her dreams is also the man who has been ruining her life for the past several years?Can Electra overlook Dharran's heavy handed "wardship"?But then Dharran discovers that Electra, the woman he's been trying to make into his mistress, is actually his ward - a situation that cannot be endured.Marriage is the only option.Now to convince the angry beauty to marry him - this could be the biggest challenge of his life!
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