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Many Roads through Paradise ePub

Many Roads through Paradise ePub ebook download
this book is like your favorite english professor, your best friend, your most missed lover,
this book was very hard for me to find in sri lanka but was the first thing I bought and has become like my Rough Guides to Sri Lanka, dog eared just a bit, pages folded, written on, ect.
This book is six degree of separation because every thing I read takes me to another book, another author, down another path, through another gate, to another destination.And the books poems ectfeatured in here are not easy to find. i wish I read this book before I went so I would know which books to buy (but in truth, the three coffee table books I bought (Glorious Jaffna, Sri Lankan heritages and the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka) were so heavy and big that it would have been almost impossible to bring home more books.
this book has Shyam's personal story about growing up which alone is worth the price of the book.He analyzes the situation in Sri Lanka and to be honest in sri lanka english is not held in favour anymore.Lots and lots of books in Sinhala.Its just such a brilliant book with such carefully chosen pieces.the list of contributors is very interesting, but the copyright acknowledgements is the most interesting because not all of the works came from books, some came from anthologies and some from journals (theres the six degrees again).Everytime i pick up the book, I open up my laptop and say, where is this book going to take me today.
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