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O&S (Summer 2009) (Summer 2009): Poets And Artists (Volume 2) ePub

O&S (Summer 2009) (Summer 2009): Poets And Artists (Volume 2) ePub ebook download
O&S: Poets and Artists Gets Bigger and Better

With Volume 2 Issue 3 the fine arts magazine O&S (Summer 2009) continues to climb up the ladder of superior publications on the arts. This newest volume is larger in size (now 10" X 8") and superior in graphic layout (by Creative Director I.M. Bess) and still is edited with tasteful style and intelligence by publisher Didi Menendez.

As with all newer publications that are successful O&S (Summer 2009) is still testing the waters with the choices of art, extended portfolios of art and poetry, short stories, individual poems, and solid reviews of both poetry and painting. The cover of this issue is particularly striking - the work of Alyssa Monks, a New York artist with impressive talent as displayed in the extensive portfolio within. Other featured artists include the well known realist Mark Trujillo, the haunting facial works of David Shapcott, the bizarre portraits by Richard Frost, the lush iconic images of An'Angelia Thompson, and the romanticist landscape painter Jean-Noel Delettre among others. In addition to these multipage portfolios are informative and probing art reviews of the works of Pia Stern, William Martin Fogg, Leonard Koscianski, and Kris Cahill - as wide a spectrum of techniques and subject matter as can be found anywhere in a forum of this caliber.

Poetry is treated in a similar fashion - some poets are represented by multiple works accompanied by biographical data, while other poets are reviewed and examined in stimulating articles. The layout of the magazine is bold (perhaps a few too many photographs of the artists and poets themselves where more of their work would have been more representative of their talents), and the choices of typeface Bess selects in her design role are not only pleasing to the eye (an art in itself) but also tie the magazine's message together well. With each new issue O&S proves that there is an audience of people committed to delving into the arts as they are happening today. It deserves a very wide readership, hopefully hitting the newsstands of the better bookstores soon. Grady Harp, June 09
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